Stop spending all your free time searching for the perfect activities for your students!

What if I told you there was a library of classroom resources at your fingertips that are ready to use and will hep you engage your students? These activities are DONE FOR YOU and ready to download and use each month and range from reading to SEL to classroom management to classroom organization!

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Teachers, let me guess...

You spend hours upon hours searching Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers for the perfect resources to engage your students and use in your classroom?
You desperately wish you could easily create resources for your classroom that are perfectly aligned with your students’ needs? 
You feel burnt out and unmotivated and are searching for the passion and joy in teaching and just want to feel valued and appreciated? 

If that feels like you, don’t worry! You’re not alone! 


The TCM Club is a one-of-a-kind community of teachers just like YOU who are ready to use engaging teaching resources to make their lives easier, create their OWN resources with unique templates, and get motivation when they need it the most!


Exclusive ready-to-use classroom resources every month that are sure to engage your students!

Resources and activities range from reading, SEL, student engagement, classroom management, and classroom organization.

Resources are low prep and engaging to make your life easier and to make learning fun for your students.



Editable versions of monthly resources that you can tailor to perfectly meet the needs of your students! You can use these over and over again because the possibilities are endless.

These editable activities will make differentiating for your students a breeze and will allow you to tap into your creativity. 


I want to support you! You deserved to feel valued and seen.

Each month you will receive "extras" that were created with YOU in mind!

Monthly special motivational resources like private podcasts, quote downloads, desktop wallpapers, and more to help you feel valued and appreciated.

When I began teaching, I quickly realized how important it is to engage students every day with fun and lessons and activities. I spent hours trying to find those ideas and resources online or working to create them myself. I discovered when I had engaging lessons and really enjoyed what I was teaching, students were more excited to come to school, loved learning, and our classroom community was strong. 

I recognize the value in creating unique classroom resources for teachers to use in their classrooms. Magic truly happens when students are engaged in a learning experience and that is exactly why I created the TCM Club; to share these resources with you!

If you are struggling to find engaging classroom resources that are perfect for your students or can't seem to figure out how to create your own resources based on your students' specific needs, you are definitely not alone. The TCM Club was created to help you find quality, unique resources for your classroom all in one convenient spot. 

I am here to help you cut back on time searching for resources so that you can enjoy the time with your students more and worry less about keeping your students engaged in learning each day.  

Doors are open!!


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