Learn Proven Classroom Management Strategies and Create a Positive, Student Led Learning Environment

Finally calm the chaos with this professional development course along with ready to use resources that will help you foster the classroom environment you crave

Teachers, let me guess...

You are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with your current classroom management strategies? Spending tons of time trying to find the next best technique or tool in your tool belt to calm the crazy and get your students and classroom environment under control?

I am here to help!


A complete program on how to maximize classroom time, foster independent learners, and create a positive learning environment!

Maximize your teaching time in your classroom

Create and foster a student led classroom with independent learners

Cumulate a powerful learning environment 

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When I began teaching I was trying all the classroom management strategies under the sun, jumping around to what would work for a little while, only to quickly realize nothing really was working to manage my classroom or student behavior and expectations. Things I would try would may work for a short period of time but quickly fade away. 

I experienced a completely different classroom environment when I focussed on creating and fostering a student led classroom with relationships and some other key features as the foundation. I want to share all of this with you!

If you are struggling with your classroom management strategies or can't seem to figure out how to cumulate that long lasting calm and positive atmosphere, you are definitely not alone. Classroom Management Academy was created after teachers just like you were reaching out with questions on how to make these long lasting changes in their classrooms. 

I am here to help you learn how to have effective classroom management strategies that will lead to a student led and calm classroom environment


"Classroom management can be an extremely intimidating topic for some teachers, but it is SO important to be able to create a safe and productive space for students to learn. If you are a teacher who is looking to improve your practices in this area, Ashley’s course “Classroom Management Academy” is for you! You will learn how to keep your classroom engaged all day long which leads to being able to effectively use your time. I have been teaching for eight years and found the course to be so helpful! Her knowledge and resources have been loved by my students and this course just has it all! I highly recommend this course to any and every teacher out there looking for new ways to efficiently and positively run their classrooms."

Anne B.
5th grade teacher

"Ashley’s Classroom management strategies have been a GAME CHANGER! I felt like I had tried everything and nothing seemed to work! I used her resources and it has worked WONDERS! My kids are so motivated. I had a student that was really hard for me to figure out behaviorally and hard to keep motivated. She immediately bought into the strategies Ashley provided and our relationship really turned around. Her resources and ideas have truly transformed my classroom for the better and I will continue to use them for years to come!"

3rd grade teacher

"Ashley's classroom management resources have been a life saver in my classroom. As a new teacher I struggled with finding methods that engaged students and increased positive reinforcement. All of my students, including my grade 8 students, enjoy her resources. They have made managing behaviours much easier and more engaging for my students."

Elizabeth S.
8th Grade Teacher

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Be the first to know when the program launches and grab the FREE Classroom Management Quick Tips Guide!

Be the first to know when the program launches and grab the FREE Classroom Management Quick Tips Guide!